What course is right for you?

We offer three streams of English Language courses to suit the study and career aspirations of our students. Which course is right for you will depend on your current level of English Language proficiency and your study goals.

Monash English

Monash English

If you want to improve your English proficiency so you can reach your study goal, or maybe you want to prepare for an IELTS test so you can get a better result, then Monash English is the right course for you.

The Monash English course is offered in 6 levels – from 2 (Elementary) to 7 (Advanced) and is designed to advance your English in the most efficient way and improve your IELTS test scores.

Entry into the program can be achieved by completing the Monash English Placement Test via a Monash Agent or by completing an accepted International English language test.

Monash English Bridging

If you have narrowly missed the English language requirements to enter a Monash College Diploma or a Monash University undergraduate or postgraduate course, then you may receive a conditional offer which provides you with a guaranteed entry to University upon successful completion of our Monash English Bridging (MEB) course.

The Monash English Bridging program not only provides students with a guaranteed pathway into their selected course; it also offers a head start for international students with a desire to succeed in their tertiary studies.

On successful completion of the program, you will be admitted directly to Monash College or Monash University courses – there will be no need for another IELTS test!

Introductory Academic Program

If you have received a full offer for Monash but want to know more about the academic and social culture of Monash University, then our Intensive Academic Preparation (IAP) course will provide you with the head start that you are looking for.

Provided by transition education experts, our Introductory Academic Program (IAP) is a popular, 5-week course which will do just that – prepare you for your university studies and academic expectations in an exciting and supportive environment.

Ask us for advice

If you need help deciding which course is right for you, contact our International Recruitment team at  study@monash.edu.